Mexican Auto Insurance Online One Of The Easiest And Most Profitable Products 

 July 27, 2019

Plethora of US management agents (MGA), which hire autonomous insurance negotiators for selling Mexican insurance. If you have a valid real estate and non-life insurance license and an updated Failure and Termination and Disclaimer insurance, most MGAs are pleased to hire you to sell their Mexican insurance products. The schedules are usually very simple and the schedule can be completed in less than 24 hours. For some of the best MGA with optimized offices, you can log in and be ready for sales in less than an hour. Many MGAs do not have production requirements, Mexican auto insurance cost is negligible and agent should not feel pressure to maintain sales volumes.

Its just a matter of few minutes

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Mexican car insurance is one of the simplest types of insurance agent products. Since most decent MGAs have Internet-based agency sites, agents can take out Mexican insurance in less than 5 minutes. On most insurance agency websites in Mexico, you can log and find Mexican auto insurance reviewsinto your account online with the agent’s code and password. Once logged in, agents can create offers or issue policies in real-time. Most brokers believe that writing Mexican insurance online is as easy as buying a plane ticket online.

Mcxican insurance are available in the US

Many officials falsely believe that only agents close to the Mexican border benefit from the sale of Mexican insurance. Although many Mexican insurances are still sold at the border, the vast majority of insurance companies buy long before their trip to Mexico. The truth is that most of the agents who sell insurance valid in Mexico countries that do not even have their office close to the border. Representatives of Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Illinois represent a large part of the sales of the Mexican car insurance industry. If you have customers or potential customers who drive their cars to Mexico, it is a disadvantage for you that you cannot offer this product.

Different options to choose based on you needs

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Many of the MGA insurance policies in Mexico offer agents between 20% and 30% commission on written insurance. For many brokers that are not near the Mexican border, their clients tend to travel more to Mexico, from a few weeks to a few months. A three-week insurance policy in Mexico can easily generate a premium of $ 200 to $ 400, which would result in an agency fee of $ 60 to $ 120. Although you may not be able to retire with this income, from 5 to 10 insurance per month Pay more than the utility bill of your office. Some brokers may also choose to increase their commission through a broker fee. Keep in mind that it usually takes less than 10 minutes to issue each policy and that almost no maintenance is required after the policy is issued.


Mexican car insurance can also serve as an excellent marketing tool for your agency. For many brokers, Mexican auto insurance is a necessity for those planning to drive into the Mexican territory.   Once you have resolved your insurance needs in Mexico, most customers are pleased to discuss the opportunities to work with you to meet their national insurance needs. Mexican auto insurance is also a good tool for customer loyalty and loyalty. If you are offering  Mexican insurance, chances are that your customers may not consider competitors offerings.

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