Mexico earthquake LIVE updates: At least 216 people killed in deadliest quake since 1985 

 August 4, 2018

No less than 216 folkswere being killed soon after an earthquake measuring seven.1about the Richter scale struck Mexico on Tuesday. The quake camehoursafter theplace participated in emergency drills to mark the thirty second anniversary on the 1985 tremblor that killed 1000’s. Manystructures collapsed, electrical powersource was reduce off and mobile networks ended up interrupted, sending waves of worrythrough the streets with the country’s funds. The Mexican government has declared a condition of catastrophe in Mexico City, documentednewsagency AP.
A lot of civilians assisted authorities in rescue functions, amid fears that theloss of life toll will climb better. Many people are feared trapped below the particles. The international airport in Mexico City has suspended functions.12.14 pm: President Ram Nath Kovind has tweeted, “Shocked to understand about earthquake in Mexico. Our sympathies with Mexican govt & individuals, especially with bereaved families.”
12.11 pm: Luis Felipe Puente has lowered the dying toll to 216 from 248.
12.05 pm: “This is ugly, very ugly,” 30-year-old Carlos Mendoza says. She witnessed an apartment building collapse in Mexico Metropolis, and is helping rescue people today from the rubble. Meanwhile, banker Gonzalez Hernandez, 55, the “walls have earthquake
11.56 am: Google Mexico has initiated a “person finder” to help Mexicans trace missing
persons or relay information to the public about someone. There are nearly 20,000 records uploaded with Google currently.11.50 am: Mexico, which is prone to earthquakes, had suffered an 8.1-magnitude quake earlier this month that had left no less than 90 dead. With Mexico Town being one of the most densely populated cities across the world – there are over 20 million people living in the town – it is feared the toll in Tuesday’s earthquake will rise.
11.42 am:
Death toll rises to 248, reports Reuters.
11.32 am: The epicentre
in the quake was near Puebla condition town of Raboso, around 123 kilometres southeast of Mexico City, according to the US Geological Survey.
11.23 am: The toll has risen to 226. Luis Felipe Puente, the head
of your nation’s civil protection company confirmed the toll in a post on Twitter. More than half the number is noted from the capital, according to AP.
11.19 am: The United Nations has offered assistance to Mexico following the quake. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed sadness by the loss of life and destruction.
11.08 am: In Mexico
Town, 36 folks have been reportedly killed. In the point out of Mexico, at the least nine peoplehave been killed, while 29 deaths wereclaimed from Puebla. The highest loss of life toll was in Morelos state, south of Mexico Town, where 64 deaths wereclaimed, Luis Felipe Puente the head of the nation’s civil protection agency said, noted Reuters.
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